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I'm a sucker.

2010-07-31 06:32:37 by ShadowKirby32

First and foremost, did you know I still do free sketches, and that you could possibly be off to get one right now? (As of now, I don't care if you already got one, I'll list it and probably do it still anyway.)

Pick your Fate.
Page 1: You do!? *rush off*
Page 2: But I wanna finish reading your boring new journal, Shadsy.




Page 1: Hopefully it will be done by next easter, but I wouldn't expect this date to be solid. *bricked in the face*




Page 2: Awww shucks... but its not going to be interesting, you better flip to Page 1. *bricked in the face*




Okay, now, it's time to let this journal flow freely, so this year's E3 was pretty good yes? I shall now list every thought about E3 now! But remember
1. Each statement I make about the game is my opinion, I may not even be that serious, infact...
2. ...Sometimes, the statements I make doesn't make any sense at all! (Look at Sonic 4.)

Okay here we go:

-Metroid: Other M
Dammit Nintendo, can you atleast warn me first before you give me another Metroid: Other M Trailer, I'm running low on clean pants.

-Kirby: Epic Yarn
Why isn't Kirby solid?
Why is Kirby now made of yarn all of the sudden?
...For that matter, why did they call it Epic Yarn, whats with society's love for the word?
Why isn't Kirby eating anything, did he go anorexic or something?
Kirby: Epic Yarn is so cute =3

-Kid Icarus
People out their wanted a Kid Icarus game?
Looks interesting, I'm personally not to fascinated with it, I've never played the original. >_>

-Golden Eye
Looks interesting, although I'm not too interested, for the exact same reason as the above.

-Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Could be interesting.
Incidentally I didn't play Wind Waker.

-Wii Party
Now here's an idea that hasn't been done before, and I'm sure 110% of the population will love. :3
You know something is majorly wrong when Nintendo starts releasing shovelware.

-Donkey Kong Country Returns
Interesting~. *Hasn't played the original donkey kong countries either, feels like such a newfag.*

-Epic Mickey
Shovelware... <_<

-The 3DS

-Castlevania: Lords of Darkness
Purty God of War clone

-Castlevania: Harmony of Despair
Wait wasn't that for the Gameboy Advance
Actually that was Harmony of Dissonance, but still.
It's like old school new school Castlevania.

-Portal 2
This wins forever more...
...You monster.

-The whole of Kinect
No thanks, I'll stick with the wii.

-Fable III
It better be good you fucker.

-Fallout: New Vegas
Fallout 3, Now with more explosions!

Yeah your game about vicious amorphic blobs and geometric shapes is great, but can you show me the XCOM trailer already.

-Two Worlds 2
There is no justice in this world... ;_;

-Gears of War 3
Manly men doing manly things.

Oh Epic Games~ you don't know how to make anything aside from Shooters now do you?

-Assassins Creed: Brotherhood
I don't care, Ubisoft.

-Force Unleashed 2
Manly jedis doing manly things.

-Final Fantasy XIV
Yes, the series doesn't want to just die, it wants to churn out more crappy fantasy MMORPGs. (But pretty MMORPGs none the less. :3c)

-Warhammer 40k: Space Marine
Extraordinarily manly man doing Extraordinarily manly things.

-Warhammer 40k: Dark Millennium Online
Spess Marines Online.

-Mortal Kombat 9
Hey look! New Mortal Kombat
Oh dear, it is so violent, it's just so... violent.
This isn't going to be released down under isn't it?

-Sonic Colours
Oh god, another 3D Sonic game, this is going to be horrible.
Hmmmmmmm, this might be alright.

-Sonic 4
Pikachu with a sombrero, Pika use your thunderbolt, do doo do doo do do dooo.

And that is all I can think about at this moment. Comment me with your opinions, in fact just comment me, don't forget to inquire about the free sketches also. :3

~ShadeKirby, Totally bored you to death, seriously your heart stopped, and I should too.